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COVID19 - Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste

Whether the Chinese coronavirus was intentionally let loose on the world or if it simply escaped from a Chinese bioweapon lab through sheer incompetence, the result has been cataclysmic for the world economy. The lives lost and whether these deaths could have been avoided or if they were simply people who were probably going to die anyway is a topic for a different day. My general take on coronavirus is that it is a serious and significant disease that warrants reasonable precautions, especially for people who are particularly vulnerable but it does not warrant locking billions of health people at little to no risk in their homes indefinitely.

What is also becoming apparent is that there is an enormous difference between the science of coronavirus as a disease and the components of the coronavirus response as a political issue. From lockdowns to masks to social distancing, the response to coronavirus has divided the American people in the same manner that almost every issue divides us.

What we see on the news with the endless reporting of new "cases" and "deaths", like some sort of macabre sports box score is just fluff, material aimed at prolonging the fear and panic and convincing average people who are in virtually no danger from coronavirus that they should cower in their homes indefinitely. What is really going on is far more serious and ominous. It is always the case that what you see going on in plain view has nothing to do with what is going on behind the scenes, and therefore what you are seeing is simply a shiny distraction. In 2020 the fear mongering is cover for what a group of powerful, un-elected and unaccountable oligarchs, are cooking up. They are not trying to hide what they are doing and it even has a Orwellian name:

The Great Reset

Just what the Great Reset is doing is a little murky but in a nutshell it aims to replace the existing system of government, economics and society itself with something completely nefarious. It uses all kinds of buzzwords but the real intent seems quite clear: creating a greater distance between the ultra-powerful elite class and the rest of humanity, not by lifting people up but by pushing more and more people down to a comfortable subsistence level or what I call high tech serfdom. You will never be able to gain independence or rise above your current station but they think it won't matter because you will be comfortable, fat, happy and entertained, shopping for cheap consumer goods online while eating fast food delivered right to your door.

You've been warned. Welcome to the New World Order, brought to you by Covid19.

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